Founded in 2010, GC started his journey in the rubber and plastic industry from then. After more than 10-year development, GC has become an enterprise owing professional team consisting of management, technician, sales, logistics and after sales service.
As a manufacturer and distributor, GC started his business by supplying flat driving belt into textile & weaving industry and firstly made success in this filed. Then, GC begun to expand his business into the related industries’ upstream and don stream. Until now, the business cope of GC is involved with four different core products and services: Industrial belt, Silicone membrane, Silicone rubber and related equipment. Through these products, GC can present his determination and enthusiasm for quality and service to his customers from lots of different industries.


Efficient Logistics

Due to many- years cooperation with our forwarders, GC can arrange fast and efficient global air shipping or sea shipping service, which guarantee our clients can receive their goods timely.

Business Philosophy

Quality First, Customer Valuable, Incessant Service

Customized Service

GC can provide tailor-making service to all of their products, not only to the specifications, properties of product, but also OEM service is available
GC will continue to uphold the business philosophy of “Quality First”, “Customer Valuable”, and “Continuous Service”, to develop cooperation with global clients.


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We offer not only products, but also our after-sales service.


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