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  • Category of Hamid Machine Tapes & Belts
    1, Power transmission belt A transmission belt is a mechanical transmission device that transfers power from one shaft system to another. Drive belts can be divided into two categories: flat belts and V-belts. Flat belts have low transmission efficiency and are suitable for low-power transmission
  • Differences Between Extruded and Molded HTV Silicone Rubber
    There are two processes for the formation of high-temperature silicone rubber: molding and extrusion. Correspondingly, we also divide the silicone rubber compound into molding silicone rubber and extrusion silicone rubber. Each molding process has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Outstanding Features of Silicone Rubber Sheet for Vacuum Membrane Press
    When seeking materials that exhibit both longevity and resilience in the face of extreme operational conditions, silicone rubber sheets for vacuum membrane presses are prime candidates. Their exceptional durability and strength distinguish them as ideal resources for various applications across nume
  • The Importance of Rubber Feeder Belt for Corrugated Carton Box Machinery
    In the fiercely competitive world of industrial manufacturing, specifically in the production of corrugated carton boxes, precision and efficiency reign paramount. Pivotal among the vital components enhancing this production process is the 'Rubber Feeder Belt'— a component often unheralded but unden
  • Silicone Rubber Sheet for Vacuum Membrane Press
    Vacuum membrane presses have become an essential tool in several manufacturing industries, recognized for their precision and capabilities in molding various materials. At the heart of these high-performance machines are silicone rubber sheets, instrumental elements that significantly influence thei
  • Silicone Rubber for Cable Extrusion
    Silicone rubber is an integral component in many industrial applications, one of the most significant being cable extrusion. In this article, we'll dive into the unique benefits of using silicone rubber in cable extrusion and discuss the intricacies of the process.
  • High Speed Tangential Belts for Spinning Machines
    In any spinning operation, we are often captivated by the colorful threads and rapidly spinning machinery. However, the real magic that allows these machines to produce high-quality yarn comes from the essential parts quietly playing their role behind the scenes, one of the most critical being the
  • The Main Reasons for The Performance Failure of Silicone Rubber Seals
    1, Deformation and failure of silicone rubber rings caused by working pressure: Pressure kneading is the main culprit for permanent deformation of silicone rubber rings. The medium pressure has a significant impact on the deformation of silicone rubber rings. This is also a common situation that cau
  • Some Category of Silicone Rubber Sheet
    1, Silicone rubber plateSilicone rubber sheet is an industrial material mainly used in high-temperature environments, with excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, waterproofing, corrosion resistance, and aging res
  • Some Types of Rough-Top Conveyor Belt
    With the gradual popularization of industrial belts, the types of industrial belts are also increasing, and the quality is gradually improving and improving. Today we are going to talk about rough-top conveyor belts (also named patterned conveyor belts).
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