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silicone membrane

If you want to know more about the silicone membrane, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the silicone membrane industry. More news about silicone membrane, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more silicone membrane information!
  • Category and Application of Silicone Sheet
    Silicone sheet is actually an industrial rubber plate made from silicone as the main raw material, which has low temperature and high temperature resistance (-60 ℃ to 250 ℃); Non toxic; Aging resistance; Light resistance; Good softness performance; High insulation, etc. Due to its unique performance
  • Application of silicone sheet
    Silicone sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly product. The anti-static silicone sheet has good elasticity and flexibility, with no bubbles or pores on the surface. The application performance is also relatively good, and it has been applied in many fields. Let's introduce the features in
  • Tips on the usage of Auto vacuum membrane press
    The mechanical transmission of fully is auto vacuum membrane press a friction transmission. Overcoming issues such as backward paper feeding, poor overlap, and waste of cover caused by easy adhesion to the drum, improving the speed of feeding, laminating, and receiving, naturally overcoming the prob
  • Silicone membrane for PV laminator and vacuum membrane press
    High quality vacuum laminating machine silicone membrane is the core component of the vacuum membrane press, and its quality directly affects the coating effect and the cost of the laminating machine. Our company produces silicone membrane for vacuum lamination press using good quality raw materials
  • What is high tear resistance silicone sheet?
    Silicone sheet has excellent high-temperature resistance, aging resistance, excellent dielectric properties, physiological inertness, and other characteristics. It has become one of the indispensable high elastic materials in modern science and technology. The high tear resistance silicone sheet pr
  • Classification of Silicone Sheet
    Silicone rubber sheet is an industrial rubber sheet made mainly from silicone. Washers, washers, and seals can be punched, mainly used in the fields of food industry, mechanical industry, electronic appliances, automotive industry, chemical light industry, metal and paint. 1. Transparent silicone s
  • Tips on how to properly use PVC vacuum membrane press
    The PVC membrane press uses the vacuum technology to make the surface of building materials with special shapes stick exquisite decorative materials by gluing and heating, making the decorative materials very three-dimensional, like relief, so as to achieve the purpose of improving product performan
  • Knowledge about PV silicone membrane of brand GC
    The "GC" brand high tear resistant silicone membranes for photovoltaic energy industry, produced by ‘Shanghai GC material & equipment Co.,Ltd’, are made of high-quality raw materials from world-renowned brands and professional equipment: a large drum vulcanization unit. The silicone membrane is spec
  • Types of silicone membrane for solar module laminator
    Silicone membrane is one of the important accessories of the solar module laminator, and its quality has a bearing on the quality of the module products. At present, there are three types of rubber used for the upper press in the market, one is rubber plate, the main component is EPDM rubber, the ad
  • Tips on correctly using PV silicone membrane
    Here are some suggestions for the installation, usage, and maintenance of GC silicone membrane applied on solar laminator: 1. The installation of specialized silicone membrane for solar laminators should ensure uniform force in all directions and should not be too tight or loose. Considering that th
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