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Tips on how to properly use PVC vacuum membrane press

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Tips on how to properly use PVC vacuum membrane press

The PVC membrane press uses the vacuum technology to make the surface of building materials with special shapes stick exquisite decorative materials by gluing and heating, making the decorative materials very three-dimensional, like relief, so as to achieve the purpose of improving product performance and decoration. Its characteristic is that there is no need for molds and the covering and edge sealing are completed. What are the usage techniques for the film machine? Let GC introduce the use skills of PVC vacuum membrane press.

1. When the new machine starts to use, due to the heating of the wires, the original fastening nuts may become loose due to thermal expansion. If they are not tightened for a long time, there may be poor contact and local overheating, causing local current to be too high and jumping, causing damage to the heating tube. It is recommended to tighten the thread pressing screw in a timely manner after the new machine cools down.

2. When starting production every day, the mobile table should be baked in the machine for 20-30 seconds before preheating, and then operated normally to ensure product stability.

3. The quality of the film coating is closely related to the quality of the adhesive, especially in winter construction in the north. The ambient temperature must be above 5C, and the preheating and baking time should be appropriately extended to avoid edge sticking. If you extend the time and increase the temperature, but still cannot stick, you can call us and recommend a reputable and inexpensive adhesive manufacturer in the industry. We recommend machines for heating up and down during winter production in the north.

4. In summer, when the temperature is high and the humidity in the south is high, it is necessary to shorten the heating time appropriately. Especially, it is important to pay attention to the intermediate time from coating to laminating, which should not be too long.

5. Due to the relatively large dust in woodworking, it is necessary to regularly clean the filter of the vacuum pump. Clean compressed air can be used to blow the removed filter element from the inside out. In summer, when it is humid, the frequency of changing the filter element can be increased appropriately, which can ensure the stability of product lamination.

6. Reasonably follow the instructions and rules for operation, and prohibit all improper operations. Regularly check the parts of the PVC vacuum membrane press to see if they are damaged. If damaged, replace them immediately.

7. Using great quality high-tear resistance silicone membrane from GC as the necessary consumption parts on the PVC vacuum membrane press.


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