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Tips on correctly using PV silicone membrane

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Tips on correctly using PV silicone membrane

Here are some suggestions for the installation, usage, and maintenance of GC silicone membrane applied on solar laminator:

1.The installation of specialized silicone membrane for solar laminators should ensure uniform force in all directions and should not be too tight or loose. Considering that the special silicone board for the laminating machine has a certain coefficient of thermal expansion, it is recommended to heat the silicone board on the laminating machine. At this time, the distance from the upper template is about two millimeters, 160 degrees Celsius, and after 2 hours, the mold is closed. The position of the holes on the silicone membrane must be consistent with the position of the template and not offset. At present, silicone plates for domestic laminators are divided into two types of installation methods: perforation and hoisting. Most of the old Pouch laminator are installed by perforation, while the new generation of silicone plates for laminators are installed by hook. The latter is more convenient to install, while the former is more cumbersome. In addition, due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the silicone board, the room temperature may become too tight due to closing and cooling. Long term frequent heating and cooling will keep it under alternating gravity and contraction, which can easily lead to early damage. It is recommended to close the mold room after the end of a single shift production period and not allow the silicone membrane to cool too quickly (to keep it insulated).

2. During the processing of EVA hot melt film, the released gas will strongly corrode the silicone sheet, making it hard, brittle, and lose its elasticity. Therefore, it is recommended to choose high-quality EVA with higher purity and less volatile matter. At the same time, in order to protect the silicone sheet and reduce contact with volatile substances, it is recommended to place two layers of Teflon fabric as an isolation layer between the solar module and the specialized silicone board for the lamination machine. At the same time, it is recommended to quickly and thoroughly vacuum to reduce EVA volatiles. Residence time in the laminator.

3. It is strictly prohibited for the silicone membrane to be subjected to uneven force during use, and it is strictly prohibited for impurities such as iron filings and sand particles to enter the silicone board, which may cause damage to the special silicone board for the lamination machine.

4. It is not possible to use strong solvents or acid-base solutions to clean the surface. Neutral detergents or solvents such as alcohol should be used. It is recommended to regularly clean and treat the surface to prevent EVA residue from scaling on the surface. At the same time, do not let sharp objects come into contact with the special silicone membrane for the laminator, as this may cause local damage and stress concentration, resulting in abnormal early damage to the special silicone membrane for the laminator.


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