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Silicone membrane for PV laminator and vacuum membrane press

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Silicone membrane for PV laminator and vacuum membrane press

High quality vacuum laminating machine silicone membrane is the core component of the vacuum membrane press, and its quality directly affects the coating effect and the cost of the laminating machine. Our company produces silicone membrane for vacuum lamination press using good quality raw materials, combined with exquisite production technology and advanced processing equipment.

This silicone membrane has high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, strong toughness, high elasticity, and an inert and non stick surface. It is an ideal elastic silicone plate for vacuum membrane press. There are two installation methods for silicone sheet in vacuum laminating machines: punching and hanging. Most old laminating machines are stamping equipment, while the new generation laminating machines are hook type equipment. The latter is easier to install, while the former is more cumbersome. In addition, due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the silicone sheet in the vacuum membrane press, the room temperature caused by closing and cooling will make it too tight. Long and frequent heating and cooling will keep it under the alternating action of gravity and force. Shrinkage can easily cause early damage. It is recommended to close the mold room after the end of a single shift production period and not allow the silicone sheet to cool too quickly.

The specialized silicone membrane for solar laminators is produced using high-end materials, advanced patented technology, and specialized equipment assembly lines. This product has high stability and reliability, and is particularly suitable for solar laminators and other equipment.

The special silicone membrane for solar laminators is based on the original environmentally friendly organic silicone sheet, and has introduced environmentally friendly reinforcement materials and special framework materials that are acid resistant and moderately high-temperature resistant. As a result, the tensile strength, tear strength, and dimensional stability of the silicone membrane has been greatly improved, and the service life of the product has been extended. Its advantage also lies in that when the specialized silicone sheet used for solar laminators is used to the maximum extent possible, it will not cause damage to the solar cell components. The maximum width can reach 4000mm without seams.

When installing the specialized silicone panel for solar laminators, it should be ensured that it can withstand uniform forces in all directions and cannot be too tight or too loose. Considering that the silicone panel used for solar laminators has a certain coefficient of thermal expansion, it is recommended to heat the silicone panel on the laminator. At this point, the distance from the upper template is approximately 2 millimeters, which is 160 degrees Celsius, and the mold is closed after 2 hours. The position of the holes on the silicone board must be consistent with the position of the template and cannot be offset.


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