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Types of silicone membrane for solar module laminator

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Types of silicone membrane for solar module laminator

Silicone membrane is one of the important accessories of the solar module laminator, and its quality has a bearing on the quality of the module products. At present, there are three types of rubber used for the upper press in the market, one is rubber plate, the main component is EPDM rubber, the advantages are good acid resistance, the disadvantages are heavy odor, low temperature resistance, and the other is silicone membrane, which has high temperature resistance, strong tear resistance, and excellent aging resistance. The third type is composite rubber plate, which combines the advantages of rubber plate and silicone plate, and is both acid and high-temperature resistant. The number of laminations far exceeds that of rubber plate and silicone membrane, and the cost-effectiveness is also good. It is an ideal supporting product for solar module laminators.

The second generation high tear resistant silicone panel is a novel product developed based on the specific operating conditions and failure forms of solar laminates. This product introduces acid resistant, medium resistant, and high-temperature resistant environmentally friendly reinforcing materials on the basis of the original solar silicon adhesive board. Thus, the tensile strength, tear strength, and dimensional stability of the silicone adhesive board are greatly improved, and the service life of the product is extended. The advantage of this version is that when the adhesive board is used to its limit, it will not cause damage to the solar cell components.

The third generation laminated press professional sealing rubber plate - fluorosilicone rubber plate overcomes the fatal weakness of the previous silicone plate, which is not resistant to acidic media (especially EVA volatiles) and becomes hard and brittle after use for a period of time, on the basis of the original silicone plate's high temperature resistance, low modulus, large elastic deformation, and good elastic recovery. Due to its inert surface, it has good stain resistance and is easy to clean, resulting in better performance and longer service life.


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