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Category and Application of Silicone Sheet

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Category and Application of Silicone Sheet

Silicone sheet is actually an industrial rubber plate made from silicone as the main raw material, which has low temperature and high temperature resistance (-60 ℃ to 250 ℃); Non toxic; Aging resistance; Light resistance; Good softness performance; High insulation, etc. Due to its unique performance, the application of silicone panels is very extensive.

1, Transparent silicone sheet

Transparent silicone sheeting is a type of silicone plate with high transparency and elasticity, commonly used in fields such as optics, electronic instruments, medical devices, etc. Its advantages are smooth surface, high tensile strength, and good elasticity, which can ensure the accuracy and stability of optical devices and electronic instruments.

2, High temperature resistant silicone sheet

High temperature resistant silicone sheeting is a type of silicone plate that can withstand high temperature environments, commonly used in industries such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and chemical engineering. It has good high-temperature resistance, excellent insulation, excellent mechanical properties, and excellent aging performance.

3, Anti-aging silicone sheet

Anti aging silicone sheeting is a kind of silicone plate that can withstand long-term use. It has good durability and anti-aging performance. Anti aging silicone membrane is usually used in industries with high requirements such as shipbuilding, aerospace, construction, etc. Its advantages are high strength, high toughness, high viscosity, and good waterproof performance.

4, Food grade silicone sheet

Food grade silicone sheeting is a type of silicone membrane that meets FDA certification and is commonly used in fields such as food, medicine, and tea. It has good heat resistance, chemical inertness, and high elasticity, which can meet the health requirements of food contact substances.

5, Extrude silicone sheet

Extruded silicone membrane is formed by an extrusion molding machine. The extruded silicone sheets, like ribbons, can be circled together for several meters and can be freely cut in length. Advantages: fast mobility, low cost, high yield, fast production speed, and can be freely cut in length, with even thickness. Disadvantage: In the later stage, it is necessary to cooperate with the stamping die to cut out specific shapes,

6, Molded silicone sheet

Molded silicone membrane is a fixed size silicone plate formed by high-temperature vulcanization using a silicone mold. The silicone membrane has a limited area and a fixed length and width. Advantages: Stable production, good raw material quality, easy control of color, hardness, raw material grade, and consistent size. Disadvantages: Low production capacity, 2-3 times the cost of extruded silicone board, uneven thickness.

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