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Tips on the usage of Auto vacuum membrane press

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Tips on the usage of Auto vacuum membrane press

The mechanical transmission of fully is auto vacuum membrane press a friction transmission. Overcoming issues such as backward paper feeding, poor overlap, and waste of cover caused by easy adhesion to the drum, improving the speed of feeding, laminating, and receiving, naturally overcoming the problems of uneven coating and rapid drying of the adhesive layer, and increasing the production to 25 liters of paper per day, equivalent to purchasing another new vacuum membrane press.

It is possible to use a solvent with a high evaporation rate or completely dry the coating before calendering; It is also possible that the machine speed is too fast and the drying temperature is too low in the polishing coating, which leads to insufficient drying of the coating and incomplete solvent evaporation. Therefore, the process conditions for polishing and coating should be adjusted. The temperature of the special shaped vacuum membrane press for calendering is generally controlled between 115 ° C and 120 ° C, and by the way, usually. The pressure should be controlled at 150180kgm2 and the speed should be 610mmin. Of course, reasonable adjustments should also be made based on the thickness of the cardboard during on-site operations

When the fully vacuum membrane press starts to use, due to heating and wire pressing, the original fastening nut may become loose due to thermal expansion. If it is not tightened for a long time, there may be poor contact and local overheating, causing local current to be too high and tripping, resulting in damage to the heating pipe. It is recommended to tighten the wire pressing nut in a timely manner after the new vacuum membrane press cools down. When starting production every day, the mobile platform should be baked in the machine for 20-30 seconds before preheating, and then operated normally to ensure product stability

Using great quality high-tear resistance silicone membrane from GC as the necessary consumption parts on the vacuum membrane press

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