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Knowledge about PV silicone membrane of brand GC

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Knowledge about PV silicone membrane of brand GC

The "GC" brand high tear resistant silicone membranes for photovoltaic energy industry, produced by ‘Shanghai GC material & equipment Co.,Ltd’, are made of high-quality raw materials from world-renowned brands and professional equipment: a large drum vulcanization unit. The silicone membrane is specifically designed for the lamination of photovoltaic solar modules by creating vacuum condition.

GC brand silicone membrane is a designed and processed polymer with excellent thermal and mechanical properties. It also has good chemical resistance, thus achieving the best service life. The production width of the entire silicone sheet can reach 3.7 meters and does not require splicing, which has good durability: it can still be recycled even when placed in a continuous high temperature environment; Has good compression deformation performance: its good resilience ensures that the working surface can be kept flat in a timely manner after downward stretching; It has good tear resistance.

All GC brand high-quality silicone sheets have undergone sufficient secondary vulcanization in production to eliminate decomposed volatiles, which can maximize their mechanical performance. Proper maintenance during use will improve the cycling life of the silicone board.

Due to its unique surface characteristics and physiological inertness; Generally, acids, alkalis, salts, inorganic substances, alcohols, animal and vegetable oils, and polar organic compounds can be tolerated. When transporting silicone panels for solar laminators, they should be rolled into rolls and tied with tape, and then inserted into the middle gap of the silicone panel using smooth, burr free long iron pipes or wooden sticks. The storage temperature of the special silicone sheet for solar laminators is between -15 ° C and 35 ° C, and it should be at least 1 meter away from the heat source, avoiding direct sunlight

Neutral detergents or solvents such as alcohol should be used. It is recommended to regularly clean and treat the surface to prevent EVA residue from scaling on the surface of the silicone membrane. At the same time, do not use sharp objects to contact the silicone membrane, as this may cause local damage and stress concentration, resulting in abnormal early damage to the silicone panel.


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