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What is high tear resistance silicone sheet?

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Silicone sheet has excellent high-temperature resistance, aging resistance, excellent dielectric properties, physiological inertness, and other characteristics. It has become one of the indispensable high elastic materials in modern science and technology.

The high tear resistance silicone sheet produced by GC uses high-quality fumed silicone rubber as the raw material, which is resistant to high temperature, has good elasticity, high strength, excellent heat resistance to air aging, ozone resistance, insulation, and can work in air or some oil media at temperatures of -40-250 degrees Celsius.

The high tear resistance silicone sheet produced by GC has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, and is also a good environmentally friendly material with good transparency and high strength. High tear resistant silicone adhesive board has good biomedical properties and special surface properties, low surface tension, good hydrophobicity, can be used as a preservation, sealing, insulation, flame retardant material, excellent aging resistance, and can better assist the durability of products.

The high tear resistance silicone sheet produced by GC is suitable for industries such as hardware, electromechanical, electrical and electronic, aviation and medical, printing, high-voltage electrical room insulation, and can also be used on vacuum laminating machines in the woodworking industry; High tear resistant silicone sheet can be used to produce various products such as seals, gaskets, films, industrial and medical silicone rubber tubes, etc.

GC has been focusing on research and development and sales of silicone membranes for many years. For example, silicone foam sheeting, silicone membrane for solar laminators, silicone sheeting for vacuum laminating machines, food grade silicone sheeting, flame retardant silicone membrane, etc., can be customized with different performance and any size according to customer needs.

Our company specializes in the production of high-quality silicone membrane with excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, climate resistance, dielectric properties, ozone resistance, and atmospheric aging resistance. The outstanding performance of silicone rubber is that it can be used for a long time at temperatures ranging from -60C (or lower than -100C) to+250C (or higher than 350C). High tear resistance silicone membrane is made with methyl vinyl silicone as the base material, and various fillers (such as reinforcing agents, heat resistant agents, modifiers, etc.) are added through mixing, passing, filtering, thinning, and molding production processes.


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