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Why the vacuum membrane press can’t suck the film in place

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Why the vacuum membrane press can’t suck the film in place

Positive and negative pressure vacuum membrane press can be divided into instant membrane press and precoat membrane press. It is a device used for paper, board, and film lamination, which is pressurized by a rubber drum and a heating drum and then combined to form a paper plastic integrated product. The instant coating membrane press includes three parts: gluing, drying and hot pressing. It has a wide application range, stable and reliable processing performance, and is a widely used film covering equipment. The precoating membrane press, without glue and dry parts, is small in size, low in cost, flexible and convenient in operation. It is not only suitable for film covering processing of large quantities of printed materials, but also suitable for film covering processing of small quantities of scattered printed materials such as automated desktop office systems. It has a broad development prospect.

We often encounter the situation that the positive and negative pressure vacuum membrane press does not suck the film in place, which is usually caused by the following reasons: insufficient vacuum, air leakage, insufficient temperature, too thin film, the workpiece has been pasted with other materials, the workpiece's concave depth exceeds the film's lift, the coating time is too short, the film does not pull up, and the workpiece is too close.

The reason why the surface of the workpiece covered by the membrane press is folded and unsmooth or the corners cannot be wrapped is that the film is not straightened, the film quality is poor, the workpiece is not polished well, too much glue is sprayed, and the template under the workpiece is too low. When the film is not covered, it pulls downwards. The phenomenon of cracking is due to the high temperature, long heating time, poor film quality, and no heating. Poor adhesion occurs, improper selection of adhesive, improper setting of adhesive amount, and incorrect ratio measurement. The type and dosage of adhesive should be re selected. The diluent contains alcohol and water that consume NCO groups, preventing the hydroxyl groups of the main agent from reacting. Ethyl acetate should be used. The surface of the printed material is sprayed with powder. Gently wipe off with a dry cloth. The ink layer of the printed product is too thick. The adhesive coating arrangement should be increased, and the pressure should be increased. The ink layer of the printed matter is not dry or completely dry.

GC has been dedicated in supplying the necessary consumption parts(high tear resistance silicone membrane) on the vacuum membrane press.

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