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Differences between ordinary and high-quality silicone sheet

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Differences between ordinary and high-quality silicone sheet

1. Generally, high-quality silicone sheet have a strong service life and adaptability, and can be used well in various high and low temperature and unstable situations without human intervention. Moreover, silicone sheet can be used for a long time in areas with severe ozone. They can maintain a good service life and usage frequency for a long time without deformation or insufficient tension.

2, High tear-resistant silicone sheet has excellent performance in heat resistance, cold resistance, climate resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, etc. It can be used for a long time at 220 ℃ and still has elasticity at -60 ℃. The Dielectric strength is almost not affected by temperature in the range of 20 ℃ -220 ℃. At the same time, it has excellent processing and easy forming performance, and can produce various products through extrusion, molding, and rolling methods. At present, it has been widely applied in fields such as aviation, electronics, automobiles, machinery, chemical and medical treatment, etc

3. Ordinary quality silicone plate can also be used, but the difference between ordinary quality silicone plate is that they use different raw materials and vulcanizing agents. Therefore, in the same environment, it is possible to determine the differences between high and low quality products.

4, Hazards of ordinary-quality silicone sheeting:Many silicone sheeting manufacturers use low-quality raw materials in the mass production of silicone panels. Although they can achieve certain results, their service life is relatively short. Many ordinary-quality silicone panels have a short service life and insufficient tensile particle size, and are prone to sticking. However, these materials are all caused by silicone raw materials, In order to ensure the smooth surface of the product in the raw materials, excessive silicone oil is added to control viscosity. Excessive silicone oil addition destroys the composition of silicon atoms, resulting in insufficient product elongation and reduced service life. Many products have also become low-quality mass-produced products as their performance declines!

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