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Working principle of plywood hot press

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Working principle of plywood hot press

Plywood hot press is a common woodworking machinery equipment mainly used for pressing multi-layer wooden boards or other materials to form plywood. Its working principle is to use the force of high temperature and high pressure to apply glue to the surface of wooden boards, and then stack multiple layers of wooden boards together. Through the heating and pressure of a hot press, the glue quickly solidifies at high temperature, forming a sturdy plywood.

The main components of a plywood hot press include heating system, pressure system, control system, and frame. Among them, the heating system is the core part of the hot press, whose function is to raise the temperature inside the machine to a certain extent, enabling the adhesive to quickly solidify. The heating system usually uses electric heating or steam heating to transfer heat to the surface of the wooden board through a heating plate to reach the required temperature

The pressure system is another important component of the plywood hot press. Its function is to press multiple layers of wooden boards together through hydraulic or pneumatic force, forming a sturdy plywood pressure system. The pressure system is usually composed of hydraulic cylinders, oil pumps, oil tanks, and pressure gauges. By controlling the operation of the oil pump, the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is adjusted to achieve the pressure of the wooden board

The control system is an intelligent part of the plywood hot press, which controls the heating system and pressure system through an electronic controller to achieve automated operation of the plywood hot press. The control system is usually composed of PLC controllers, touch screens, electrical components, and sensors. By controlling each component, automatic control of the plywood hot press is achieved.

The rack is the supporting part of the plywood hot press, which serves to support various components such as the heating system, pressure system, and control system, enabling them to work stably. The rack is usually welded from steel and has high strength and stability.

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