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Why is clear silicone becoming yellow, and what can be done to prevent it?

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Why is clear silicone becoming yellow, and what can be done to prevent it?

Because clear silicone items are transparent, how do they turn yellow? Can they remain transparent after turning yellow? And what causes clear silicone to turn yellow? Is this the result of oxidation? Even after several years, ordinary clear silicone items will not become yellow. However, certain clear silicone goods that have just come out of the oven might become yellow throughout the silicone production process. What causes clear silicone to yellow? The key causes are as follows:

The Clear Silicone Vulcanizing Agent

The performance of vulcanizing agents is classified as ordinary or anti-yellowing, and their application range includes the following two aspects:

Ordinary non-yellowing vulcanizing chemicals are commonly employed in various non-exposed transparent silicone goods with dark hues or lower color appearance criteria.

When an anti-yellowing vulcanizing agent is used in clear silicone goods that must be exposed to air, the color of the clear silicone becomes lighter and brighter, and the color requirements increase proportionately. The hydrogen-containing silicone oil has a strong correlation with the vulcanizing agent's quality. When a hydrogen-containing silicone oil has a hydrogen value of 1.6 or more and an acid value of less than one, it frequently performs better.

The Clear Silicone Processing

The primary causes for the color of clear silicone turning yellow after molding when clear silicone goods are made are: the mold temperature is too high; the vulcanization period is too lengthy; and the second vulcanization.

The clear silicone raw material quality is inadequate.

Although an anti-yellowing vulcanizing agent is often added to the silicone rubber compound, the clear silicone product nevertheless appears yellow after molding. It is possible that the raw material's anti-yellowing performance is insufficient. In this case, it is suggested that raw materials with weak anti-yellowing qualities be directly replaced.

How Can I Keep Clear Silicone From Turning Yellow?

Despite the fact that transparent silicone products are extremely weather and age-resistant, Clear silicone objects that have just come out of the oven, on the other hand, might occasionally become yellow.

To avoid this issue, the vulcanizing agent should be used in accordance with the specifications. The molding temperature and vulcanization duration should be properly managed when manufacturing clear silicone goods, and the yellowing resistance of the raw material should be taken into account.

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