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What is silicone rubber sheet?

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What is silicone rubber sheet?

Industrial rubber sheets made from silicone as the main raw material are called silicone sheets. Washers, and seals can be punched, mainly used in the fields of food industry, mechanical industry, electronic appliances, automotive industry, chemical light industry, metal and paint.

Mainly used in the food industry, machinery industry, and other requirements, resistant to high temperature and shock, various high-voltage and high-temperature wires. Low temperature and high temperature resistance (-60 ℃ to 250 ℃). Non toxic, ozone resistant, light resistant, aging resistant, and high insulation.

There are two main methods of vulcanization molding. 

1. Drum vulcanization: The silicone plate is formed by a rolling machine, and the pressed silicone plate, like the ribbon, can be rolled together for several meters and can be freely cut in width and length. Advantages: Fast mobility, low cost, high yield, fast production speed, free cutting of length, uniform thickness. Disadvantages: Thick products cannot be produced, and cannot be produced over 10mm.

2. Molded silicone board. Molded silicone sheet is a fixed size silicone coil formed by high-temperature vulcanization using a silicone mold, with a fixed width. Advantages: Stable production, capable of producing thick products. Disadvantages: Low yield, high cost, uneven thickness, and only one width can be fixed.

According to the thickness, raw materials, and characteristics, silicone panels can be divided into the following types: ordinary silicone panels, food grade ordinary silicone panels, ordinary fumed silicone panels, food grade fumed silicone panels, flame retardant (insulation) silicone panels, conductive silicone panels, high-temperature resistant silicone panels, etc. The thickness is usually between 1-10mm. There are silicone panels in different colors such as red, transparent, milky white, black, blue, etc.

Silicone board has the following characteristics: 1. Selectability of thickness, 2. Adjustable color, 3. Easy construction, 4. Stability of quality, 5. Good recoil resistance, 6. Excellent slip resistance

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