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What is folder gluer belt?

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What is folder gluer belt?

The folder gluer belt is a common conveyor belt, which is not only used in box pasting machines/folder gluer machinery, but also in many mechanical applications. Generally speaking, the belt of the box pasting machine is manufactured using a mold integrated molding method, with a thickness of 8mm. The surface is brown and the bottom is black or blue for both two sides. The surface material is made of rubber, which is very soft and has high wear resistance.

The belt of the box pasting machine is very stable during operation, with good paper feeding effect and can be used for a long time. The surface of folder gluer belt is designed with a flat and grooved design, which is very beautiful in appearance and has a good conveying effect. It is the preferred choice for many people when choosing conveyor belts. Folder gluer belt also has a special processing method of punching, providing more types and options.

The emergence of folder gluing belt has greatly improved the transmission and efficiency of industry. It is an essential product of the box pasting machine/folder gluer, and most of the processes in the box pasting process need to be completed through the folder gluing belt. Its functions are as follows:

1. In the paper feeding device, it is necessary to ensure accurate paper feeding through the carton pasting machine belt.

2. In the pre-folding machine, the creases on the paper box are pre-folded and clamped by the folder gluing belt, making it easier for assembly on the automatic production line.

3. In the automatic bottom locking box device, traditional or unlocked technology is used, and the folding of the bottom of the automatic bottom locking box paper box is achieved through the application of the folder gluing belt.

In addition to the above functions, including the subsequent folding, conveying, and receiving parts, the stable operation of folder gluer belt is indispensable. Therefore, the belt of the box pasting machine is an indispensable driving part in the box pasting process, which not only reduces the Labor burden, but also greatly improves the production. GC can provide great quality folder gluing belt.

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