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What is anti-static transmission belt?

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What is anti-static transmission belt?

There are two types of materials for anti-static transmission belts, namely rubber and polyurethane; From the tooth profile, it can be divided into flat transmission belt and Timing belt.

The anti-static drive belt is made of PU (or rubber) for flat drive belt or Timing belt with conductive components (such as metal wires) or conductive plastics. The anti-static resistance is more than 104 ohms, and the conductivity is less than 106, such as high conductivity to the power of 104 and superconductivity to the power of 102. Conductive materials should be used in electric fields with a voltage below 220 and 380. The ordinary Timing belt has no anti-static function. The anti-static Timing belt is made of anti-static materials to the 106-108 ohms. The anti-static and conductive high separation body is used as the surface carrier layer. It is widely used in the electronic industry, non-woven fabric industry and other anti-static and conductive materials (products) transmission and processing, electrostatic spraying assembly lines and so on.

Anti static belts are used in many industries, so what should be paid attention to when choosing them. Why use anti-static belts when different materials have different anti-static requirements?

In some production environments, generating static electricity may cause accidents or damage materials. Generally, the production of gunpowder can cause accidents, and the production of electronic components and other materials may cause static electricity, which may damage the materials.

The anti-static index of an anti-static belt can be measured using an anti-static tester. Usually, the anti-static index of an anti-static belt is between the 108 and 106. An anti-static belt with a power of 106 can also be called an anti-static belt.

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