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What CHINAPLAS 2023 brings to rubber industry ?

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What CHINAPLAS 2023 brings to rubber industry ?

Green, intelligent, and advanced are the three major keywords in today's industry, including rubber and plastic industry. 'Green' is a commitment to circular economy and sustainable development. Intelligence can stimulate innovation and enhance user experience. Advanced "is a powerful tool for improving productivity and quality. The same exhibition provides a comprehensive view of these three hot technologies, helping to inspire new ideas and explore new business opportunities.

It is undeniable that the consumption of rubber and plastic, especially disposable plastics, has brought enormous challenges to the environment. Currently, the industry is making every effort to strengthen innovation to achieve a circular economy and achieve sustainable development. The goal of circular economy is to reduce plastic waste by adopting a "closed-loop" system to continuously recycle the production, use, and reuse of plastic, avoiding plastic leakage into the environment. At the "CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition", comprehensive sustainable solutions can be found in three theme zones, including the recycled plastics zone, bioplastics zone, and recycling and recycling technology zone.

Industry 4.0 has changed the manufacturing process of many products. The rubber and plastic industry, with a history of 160 years, is also adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and gradually move towards intelligence in the trend of Industry 4.0. Digitalization has driven the manufacturing systems of the plastic industry to become increasingly intelligent. In various production processes - from product design to actual production processes, to supply chain, distribution, and delivery - digital intelligent manufacturing systems help enterprises cope with current and future challenges.

Automation and 3D printing are two key driving forces for technological progress. Although people believe that their work will be replaced by robots, investing in automation can help plastic manufacturers' existing equipment achieve greater effectiveness. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has experienced tremendous growth and innovation in the market since its first invention in the early 1980s. Many technology companies have successively provided low-cost consumer grade 3D printers, making 3D printing no longer a niche technology.

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