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Vulcanization method for silicone rubber products

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Vulcanization method for silicone rubber products

Vulcanization molding is a very important process in the production of silicone rubber products. The silicone rubber vulcanization process is not completed in one go, but is divided into two stages of process operation. The rubber material is heated and shaped under pressure (such as mold pressing vulcanization, direct steam vulcanization in the vulcanization tank, etc.) or under normal pressure (such as hot air continuous vulcanization), which is called one-stage vulcanization (or shaped vulcanization); High temperature vulcanization in an oven to further stabilize the physical properties of the vulcanized rubber is called secondary vulcanization (or post vulcanization).

There are usually five common vulcanization methods used by silicone rubber product factories: hot air vulcanization, continuous steam vulcanization, hot solution vulcanization, vulcanization bed vulcanization, and ultra-high frequency vulcanization

1. Hot air vulcanization method is the most commonly used vulcanization method for profile products and DCBP under normal pressure. This method can remove volatile combustibles and promote vulcanization speed.

2. The continuous steam sulfurization method is to connect the head of the extrusion machine with the steam sulfurization expansion sleeve, fill it with steam pressure, and the extruded silicone rubber product will be directly sulfurized in high-pressure steam.

3. The hot solution vulcanization method is to vulcanize silicone products using a heat carrier composed of alkali metal nitric acid and polyethylene glycol containing antioxidants, and then wash away the adsorbed heat carrier. Its vulcanization speed is many times faster than the hot air vulcanization method. But the disadvantage is that it can cause discoloration and other issues in silicone products;

4. Vulcanization bed is the process of vulcanizing silicone rubber products through a fluidized bed. The vulcanization speed of this method is more than twice that of hot air vulcanization, but its glass microspheres are difficult to remove from the surface of silicone products, making them appear rough.

5. The ultra-high frequency vulcanization method utilizes the conductive characteristics of silica gel itself to allow it to self heat to achieve vulcanization of silicone rubber products. This method has a relatively uniform vulcanization

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