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Types and characteristics of flat power transmission belts

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Types and characteristics of flat power transmission belts

Flat transmission belt is a type of flat belt (also known as flat driving belt). The transmission belt, as the name suggests, is a transmission accessory used for power transmission in transmission mechanisms. The principle of transmission of flat transmission belts is friction transmission.

Friction transmission is a transmission belt that is tensioned to a certain extent on the driving and passive wheels, relying on the frictional force generated between the transmission belt and the surface of the pulley to transmit motion.

In addition to flat power transmission belts, friction type transmission belts also include triangular belts, circular belts, multi wedge belts, and ingot belts.

Flat transmission belts are also divided into: rubber belts (rubber nylon sheet base belts, rubber elastic belts), leather belt (single sided leather belts, double sided leather belts), woven belts, high-speed belts (rubber high-speed belts, polyurethane high-speed belts), nylon core belts (also known as composite flat belts), etc. There are various naming methods for flat belts, which can be named based on their actual application or performance characteristics. Therefore, the same belt may have different names in different industries

Flat belt drive has excellent flexibility and elasticity, therefore, they have the following common characteristics: 1. Smooth transmission, can alleviate impact, and absorb vibration; 2. It can automatically slip when overloaded, which can prevent damage to other components; 3. Low noise can effectively reduce environmental pollution; 4. Can be used for high-speed and high-power transmission; 5. It can directly transmit motion over large or close distances; 6. Simple structure and low cost.

Flat belts are widely used in various fields:

1. Packaging machinery and woodworking machinery, such as fully automatic box pasting machines, woodworking board edge banding machines, textile printing and dyeing industries, etc;

2. Transmission or conveying in other harsh environments such as engineering machinery, paper industry, stone industry, metallurgical industry, etc;

3. Printing machinery, such as offset printing machines, folding machines, peritoneal machines, polishing machines, etc; Packaging machinery, such as sealing machines; And light transmission or conveying in grinding machinery and other industries.

4. High speed transmission of twisting machines, double twisting machines, winding machines, carding machines, spinning machines, etc. in the textile industry; And other industries such as light transmission, tangential transmission, and ordinary transmission, such as printing, packaging, electronics, wires and cables.

5. Automation equipment industry and other mechanical industries


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