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Three Elements of Silicone Molding Process

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 Three Elements of Silicone Molding Process

What are the three elements of silicone molding? Temperature, process, and a certain amount of time are the three basic elements of silicone rubber product molding, and none of them are indispensable. What would happen if only heating without pressurizing?

Firstly, there is a shortage of materials. The lack of molding pressure does not mean that the silicone molecules cannot undergo crosslinking reaction. When the silicone raw material with added vulcanizing agent is placed at high temperature for a period of time, the silicone molecules are already undergoing crosslinking reaction. At this time, if there is not enough.

Sufficient pressure forces the rubber material to fill the entire mold cavity, so it is inevitable that there will be a shortage of material after the rubber material is fully vulcanized. And at the same time, there will also be the following phenomena - loose structure, bubbles, etc.

Silicone product molding process - temperature: First, it is necessary to reach the preset temperature range above the temperature before placing the adhesive material. When discharging the mold, try to minimize the use of air guns and air vents to align with the mold core, in order to avoid reducing the temperature of the mold core and causing defects.

Silicone product molding process - time: The control of time should not be too short or too long. If the time is too short, the product will not be cured properly, and if the time is too long, the product will be too brittle or even deformed.


Silicone product molding process - placement: Placing silicone raw materials is an important step. For some molds, a slight lack of placement of silicone material can lead to a shortage of materials in the product, in order to prevent it from being baked before molding.

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