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The Main Reasons for The Performance Failure of Silicone Rubber Seals

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The Main Reasons for The Performance Failure of Silicone Rubber Seals

1, Deformation and failure of silicone rubber rings caused by working pressure: Pressure kneading is the main culprit for permanent deformation of silicone rubber rings. The medium pressure has a significant impact on the deformation of silicone rubber rings. This is also a common situation that causes silicone rubber rings to deform in all professions. With the development of modern hydraulic equipment, the pressure of hydraulic media is increasing. Long term operation of silicone rubber rings in this high-pressure environment can cause permanent deformation, which is irreversible. Therefore, different raw materials should be selected for different working pressures, and silicone or rubber materials that are relatively resistant to pressure, wear, and temperature should be selected. Therefore, in order to cope with higher working pressure, the hardening degree of silicone rubber rings with pressure resistance data will also increase.

2, Temperature induced malfunctions: Temperature is crucial for the relaxation of silicone rubber rings. Regardless of the type of raw material, it will accelerate aging at high temperatures. When the ambient temperature is high, the air compression deformation is greater. When the deformation of the product exceeds 40%, the silicone rubber ring will gradually lose its elasticity and form a leak. When installing the silicone rubber ring, initial stress will be generated, and due to the long-term relaxation of the silicone rubber ring and the gradual decrease in temperature, the initial stress will gradually disappear. In some cases, it may disappear with a sharp decrease in temperature. Even if the silicone rubber product data is resistant to high and low temperatures, compared to the stress at 20 degrees Celsius, it will not exceed 25%. Therefore, when installing the silicone rubber ring, initial stress should be set and temperature factors in the working environment should be fully considered.

3, Elements of tightening and stretching: Due to the different formulas of silicone rubber rings, the tightening amount and tensile strength of silicone rubber rings produced by different enterprises also vary. Under long-term tightening, the product may experience relaxation of tightening stress. This phenomenon will gradually expand over time. The longer the time, the smaller the amount of tightening and stretching, so a lack of elasticity can lead to leakage. The direct method of change is to increase the cross-sectional size of the product, but it can also lead to an increase in the product structure.


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