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The Joint Methods of PU Timing Belt

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The Joint Methods of PU Timing Belt

PU timing belt is composed of polyurethane as the belt body and steel wire core as a strong layer, mostly formed by connecting. The connection of PU timing belts is mostly completed by tooth joint, which is the joint at both ends of the prefabricated synchronous belt, including steel wire and belt body.

Cut out the required belt length in advance, and then cut out the connecting ports at both ends of the belt, that is, make the two sides of the timing belt into convex and concave pairs of teeth, fit them together, and fuse the connecting ports into a circular whole through high-temperature heating

The connecting timing belt is easily broken at the joints under high loads. In addition, connecting synchronous belts is also prone to improper cutting length and mismatched teeth, resulting in unnecessary waste, which not only affects transmission efficiency but also increases manufacturing costs. For most open timing belts, there are three more convenient joint methods:

Mechanical joint: generally refers to the use of belt buckle joints. This joint method is convenient, convenient, and relatively economical, but the efficiency of the joint is low, it is easy to damage, and it has a certain impact on the service life of PU timing belt products. In PVC and PVG whole core flame-retardant and anti-static PU timing belt joints, this joint method is generally used for products below grade 8.

Cold adhesive joint: It refers to the use of cold adhesive for the joint. This joint method is more efficient and economical than mechanical joints, and should have a good joint effect. However, in practice, due to the difficulty in mastering the process conditions and the significant impact of adhesive quality on the joint, it is not very stable.

Hot vulcanized joint: PU timing belt joint has been proven to be the most ideal joint method in years of practical experience, ensuring high joint efficiency while also being very stable. The joint life is also very long and easy to master. However, there are drawbacks such as process trouble, high cost, and long joint time

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