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The correct jointing method of Polyamide Belts

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The correct jointing method of Polyamide Belts

Nylon core belt is a widely used flat transmission belt category in industrial belts. Nylon core belt is a flat transmission belt (also known as a flat belt) that uses nylon sheet as a tension layer and is covered with rubber, cowhide, and fiber cloth on the surface. It has advantages such as strong tension, resistance to bending, high efficiency, low noise, fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, and long service life.

The applications of PA sandwich belt: Suitable for occasions with compact transmission mechanisms, high linear speeds, and high speed ratios. Industries such as cigarettes, cigarette machines, papermaking, printing, textile machinery, HVAC equipment, metal equipment, vending equipment, and military industry. After adding anti-static properties, it is also used for electronic industry substrate lines, SMT equipment, circuit board transportation, etc.

The connection technology method of nylon belt: The raw material produced from nylon belt is coil material. When sold, the industrial belt manufacturer cuts and divides it into strips, grinds it, glues it, connects it, and delivers it to the customer based on the model thickness, width, and length provided by the customer.

Firstly, it is necessary to cut and divide the strips. The polyamide belt must be cut and divided evenly, and uneven cutting may cause deviation;

The second step is to grind the head. The precision requirement for the smoothness of the polyamide belt grinding head is very high, and the quality of the joint depends on the quality of the grinding head (it is recommended to use a CNC fully automatic grinding machine developed and produced by Tengying Industrial Belt, which has a much higher quality than manual grinding machines and does not require technical manual operation during the grinding process);

The third step is adhesive. There are two types of special adhesives for connecting polyamide belt, namely nylon film adhesive and rubber adhesive;

The fourth step is the connection of nylon belt. There are various connection machines for polyamide belt connection, which should be selected based on the thickness of the nylon belt. There are also universal desktop substrate connection machines, which mainly control the temperature and duration.

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