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Suggestions on using folder gluer belts correctly

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Suggestions on using folder gluer belts correctly

The fully automatic corrugated machine and cardboard veneer machine are key equipment in the production line of color boxes. They are fully automatic production equipment that combines color printed face paper with E-shaped or single-sided corrugated cardboard. They can complete the automatic feeding, gluing, bonding, and pressing processes of face paper and single-sided corrugated paper.

The corrugated box pasting machine belt is a feeding mechanism used in corrugated machines, veneer machines, folder gluer equipment, and other equipment. It adopts a vacuum adsorption feeding method, and the corrugated paper is placed on the belt, which is adsorbed on the belt by suction air to transport the paper forward, resulting in high production efficiency! But if used improperly, it can cause wrinkles, inaccurate mounting, and other faults, which can affect the quality of the finished product. Below, let's follow the editor of GC to take a look at what should be paid attention to when using the folder gluing belts?

1. Adjustment of roller pressure: Adjust all rollers to ensure that their pressure on the paper is consistent to ensure that the paper is not skewed during transportation; At the same time, it is necessary to regularly check and add a small amount of lubricating grease to ensure that each pressure wheel rotates flexibly.

2. The tension of the folder gluer belt should be adjusted uniformly, and the belt should not deviate to ensure smooth paper feeding;

3. The rotation direction of the pressure roller must be parallel to the direction of the belt, otherwise it will affect the paper feeding effect

4. The paper feeding rollers should be arranged neatly in both vertical and horizontal directions, and the distance between the front and rear rollers should be less than the paper feeding step to ensure that there is no instantaneous loss of control during the paper feeding process.

5. Clean the machine tape with clean water to prevent slipping, especially to prevent it from sticking to the belt. The rubber wheel and box on the bottom of the hook must be washed clean after work every day, otherwise the glue inside the glue box will freeze and affect the gluing effect

The above are five key points to pay attention to during the use of the corrugated box pasting machine belt. We hope all our clients can pay attention to them during use to avoid the occurrence of malfunctions and avoid affecting production efficiency and quality.


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