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Some tips for properly using tangential belt

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Some tips for properly using tangential belt

Tangential belts are one of the flat driving belts widely used in textile machines and are important transmission equipment. Their operation directly affects the power transmission of textile equipment. This article introduces a method and precautions for using tangential belt - timely tensioning of tangential belt to improve contact with twisters.

During the use of the tangential belt, it is necessary to pay frequent attention to its operating position. If there is any abnormality, it should be adjusted immediately. The guide wheel of the tangential belt plays a guiding role in the operation of the tangential belt, ensuring the straightness of the tangential belt operation, and at the same time, it plays a tensioning role in the tangential belt, ensuring the contact state between the tangential belt and the driving shaft of the twister.

But after a period of equipment operation, the creep of the tangential belt causes the tangential belt to elongate, causing a change in the contact state between the tangential belt and the active shaft of the twister, ultimately causing a change in the torque transmitted from the tangential belt to the twister, slowing down the speed of the twister, and affecting the quality of DTY. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly test the speed of the friction disc of the twister, and if problems are found, tighten the tangential belt in a timely manner. That is, at the control end, use a rotating handwheel to drive the tangential belt tensioning device to move back along the slide rail, so as to tension the tangential belt and improve the contact state between the tangential belt and the twister.

The temperature and humidity of the place where the tangential belt is used should be kept stable; If the requirements are not met, the tangential belt should be stored in the place of use for 1-2 days before use. Longdai has good resistance to chemical drugs, but is not resistant to corrosion by concentrated acids, phenols, and alcohol solvents. During the maintenance process of the ammunition dispenser, the surface of the tangential belt is often contaminated. Therefore, after maintenance, the tangential belt should be wiped with soap water or detergent (petroleum ether, alcohol), and it is strictly prohibited to use aromatic compounds to wash the tangential belt.

When the machine leaks lubricating oil and stains the conveyor belt, it should be stopped in a timely manner to wipe the belt surface and pulley surface clean, otherwise the transmission speed will decrease due to slipping. Generally, the tangential belt should be wiped regularly every 1-3 months. Due to long-term use, bending fatigue, or encountering mechanical failures, the tangential belt may cause local delamination. Once discovered, it should be repaired immediately, otherwise it will lead to premature damage to the entire belt. The tension device should not have too much contamination. If there is contamination, the tension device cannot provide all the tension, resulting in a corresponding decrease in the speed of the false twisting disc. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the tension device during maintenance.


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