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Some Key Points about Silicone Mold Process

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Some Key Points about Silicone Mold Process

Solid silicone mold is the most common and widely used silicone product manufacturing technology in the silicone industry. In our life, whether it is silicone keys, silicone bracelets, silicone watches, Mobile phone case, or silicone kitchenware, silicone cushions, silicone freezers, or even cake molds, almost all of them are made from solid silicone materials through molds.

Starting from the working mechanism of silicone molds, the solid-state silicone molding process must pay attention to the following details:

1. Due to the fact that during the formation of silicone products under high pressure, the internal forces accumulated by the elastomer cannot be eliminated, the shrinkage rate of silicone (which varies depending on the type) is very unstable when demolding from the mold. Therefore, it takes some time to ease and stabilize the shrinkage. Therefore, whether in terms of formula or mold design, careful calculation and coordination must be taken into account when designing silicone products, otherwise it may lead to unstable product size and reduced product quality.

2. Silicone is a hot melt and thermosetting elastomer, while plastic is a hot melt and cold set elastomer. Due to the differences in the types of vulcanizing agents for silicone, the temperature range for its formation and curing is also very large, and even during the vulcanization process of silicone, it is affected by weather changes and the temperature and humidity in the room. Therefore, the manufacturing conditions of silicone products must be adjusted appropriately at any time, otherwise there will be deviations in product quality.

3. Silicone products are silicone rubber blends made from silicone raw materials after internal mixer mixing. During the mixing process, formulas are designed based on the characteristics of the required silicone rubber products, and the required product hardness and type of silicone rubber vulcanizing agent are determined. Production and molding of silicone rubber products: Vulcanized by silicone rubber sheet vulcanization equipment. After forming, the final product is trimmed to make the surface smooth and free of burrs.

4. During vulcanization molding, there may be phenomena such as mold sticking, edge warping, bubbles, and unvulcanized white spots. Therefore, during vulcanization molding, adjustments must be made to the mold temperature, exhaust time, mold pressure, and other aspects.

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