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Some advantages of liquid silicone rubber

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Some advantages of liquid silicone rubber

Liquid silicone is an organic silicone that is non-toxic, heat-resistant, and highly resilient flexible thermosetting transparent material. Its sulfur change behavior is mainly characterized by low viscosity, rapid curing, shear thinning, and high thermal expansion coefficient.

Compared to solid HCR silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber has good mobility, fast vulcanization, safety and environmental protection, and can fully meet food grade requirements. Liquid silicone differs from solid HCR silicone rubber in terms of technology and production process. Liquid silicone differs in terms of characteristics:

1. Liquid silicone rubber raw materials all have low viscosity, good mobility, injection molding, and easy operation;

2. Liquid silicone rubber cured products have a low shrinkage rate, less than 0.1%, and have good water and moisture resistance. They maintain good elasticity from -60 ° C to 500 ° C. However, products made from solid HCR silicone rubber can withstand temperatures up to 1200 ° C, which is brittle and has poor elasticity;

3. Liquid silicone rubber has good storage performance, and can be stored for at least 1 year without deterioration when curing agent is not added (sealed at room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius without moisture or high temperature);

4. LSR has good resistance to chemicals, acid and alkali, weather, and various chemicals;

5. LSR has good mechanical strength and excellent high-temperature resistance of the compressor can be used to mix products with different strengths according to customer needs;

6. LSR has excellent electrical insulation, excellent dielectric performance, excellent dielectric performance at high temperatures, greatly exceeding the dielectric performance of organic rubber at high temperatures;

7. LSR has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, permanent deformation during curing and molding; High tensile and tear resistance, multiple mold turns, and can be reused.

8. Liquid silicone rubber is not limited by the thickness of the product, it can be cured at room temperature or heated for molding, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and airless. Many silicone applications in daily life are gradually being discovered by people, replacing more material items in our daily lives.

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