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Silicone sheet - Industrial rubber sheet with excellent performance

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Silicone sheet - Industrial rubber sheet with excellent performance

Silicone sheet is an industrial rubber sheet made from silicone rubber as the primary raw material. Washers, and seals can be punched, mainly used in the food industry, mechanical industry, electronic appliances, automotive industry, chemical light industry, metal and paint industries.

Characteristics of Silicone sheet

1. Good adjustability: optional thickness and adjustable color.

2. The construction is simple and simple, with unchanged quality, excellent recoil resistance, and excellent anti slip performance.

3. The silicone board has a high class index and its breakup outcome is better than others; When forming the sample, the black dots of the dots are smaller, which allows for better series analysis. Moreover, the black spots on the silicone board are very clear and do not diffuse, and its activity is quite high.

4. The silicone board is used for a short time at the time of breakup and does not require a long waiting time

Classification of silicone panels

1. General silicone plate/fumed silicone plate/flame-retardant (insulation) silicone plate/high-temperature resistant silicone plate

2. Extruded silicone sheeting: Extruded silicone sheeting is mechanically formed through the process of extrusion molding. The extruded silicone sheet, like ribbon, can be circled together for several meters and can be freely cut in length

3.  Molded silicone sheet: Molded silicone sheet is a fixed silicone sheet formed by high-temperature vulcanization through a silicone mold, with a limited area and fixed length and width.

Key points for installing silicone membranes

1. It should be ensured that the forces on all directions are uniform and uniform, and cannot be too tight or loose locally.

2. Considering that the rubber membrane has a certain coefficient of thermal expansion, it is recommended to heat the silicone rubber membrane on the laminating machine during installation. At this time, the distance from the upper template should be 1-2 mm, arranged at 150 degrees Celsius for 2 hours, and then the mold should be closed.

3. The position of the circular hole on the silicone membrane must match the position of the template circular hole and cannot be offset.

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