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Reasons and solutions for the running deviation of nylon core belt

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Reasons and solutions for the running deviation of nylon core belt

Nylon sandwich belt is a common power transmission belt, and deviation is one of the common faults that occur during use. This fault is related to the safety of production, so let's learn how to solve the deviation of nylon base belt.

Usually, belt running deviation is caused by the following reasons:

1. The installation quality of the nylon belt machine during on-site installation is relatively low, and the installation experience is insufficient, resulting in the installation not meeting the design requirements of the belt machine installation general drawing, which leads to the deviation of the belt;

2. The quality of the polyamide belt is poor, and the two sides of the belt are not parallel (and asymmetric with the longitudinal centerline of the nylon belt), forming a periodic wave shape, causing periodic deviation

3. The joint of the nylon belt is not good, and the cutting edge of the belt joint, that is, the joint surface, is not perpendicular to the longitudinal centerline of the nylon belt, resulting in a certain angle between two segments of nylon belt between the joints, which should be a straight line, causing the nylon belt to deviate;

If the staff finds that the nylon core belt has deviated, how can they calmly solve it?

1. For the first situation, it is generally necessary to readjust the inappropriate parts during the installation process, with the focus on ensuring that the horizontal center and longitudinal centerline of the belt meet the design requirements;

2. For the second situation, it is generally due to poor quality of the nylon substrate or refurbishment of the nylon substrate. If the user thinks it can be used, they can adjust the joints, rollers, and rollers to minimize deviation, increase centering rollers and anti deviation rollers, and make it suitable for use;

3. For the third scenario, remake the belt joint;The situation of nylon substrate deviation is not only the above four, but the specific reasons for deviation are very complex and should be analyzed specifically. In short, when dealing with deviation, it is necessary to distinguish between the head, tail, middle body or bearing surface nylon substrate and return nylon substrate deviation, and purposefully adjust the adjustment direction of the drum and carrier roller to reduce or eliminate deviation.

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