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Properties of Silicone Rubber

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Properties of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber can be divided into heat vulcanized (high-temperature vulcanized silicone HTV) and room temperature vulcanized (RTV) types, with room temperature vulcanized type being further divided into polycondensation reaction type and addition reaction type. High temperature silicone rubber is mainly used to manufacture various silicone rubber products, while room temperature silicone rubber is mainly used as an adhesive, sealing material, or mold.

The high-temperature vulcanized silicone (HTV) type has the largest usage, which is further divided into methyl silicone rubber (MQ), methyl vinyl silicone rubber (VMQ), methyl vinyl phenyl silicone rubber PVMQ (low temperature and radiation resistance), and other types such as fluorosilicone rubber.

Silicone rubber has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, ozone resistance, and atmospheric aging resistance. The outstanding performance of silicone rubber is that it can be used at a wide temperature range and can be used for a long time from -60 ℃ (or lower) to+250 ℃ (or higher).

However, the mechanical properties of silicone rubber, such as tensile strength and tear strength, are poor. At room temperature, its physical and mechanical properties are not as good as most synthetic rubbers. In addition to nitrile silicone and fluorosilicone rubber, general silicone rubber has poor oil and solvent resistance. Therefore, silicone rubber is not suitable for ordinary conditions, but is very suitable for many specific occasions

Silicone rubber is a high saturation raw rubber that usually does not require sulfur vulcanization. Instead, it is vulcanized using organic peroxides as vulcanizing agents. Therefore, the raw rubber must not contain active substances that can react with the decomposition products of peroxides (such as slot carbon black, certain organic promoters, and antioxidants), otherwise it will affect vulcanization


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