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Solid HTV Silicone Rubber

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  • What Is the Use of Liquid Silicone Rubber?
    Several diverse sectors employ LSR components. It is a great option for components that need to be created in a sterilization-and-environment-controlled setting, such as an ISO clean room, because of its purity and resilience to steam, heat, and moisture. Gaskets, seals, and diaphragms used in water
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber Properties
    Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) has been the material of choice for making silicone components and goods since the 1970s. LSR has several applications in a variety of markets, including those for consumer, medical, infant, and automotive goods. LSR is frequently used in those disciplines due to its dis
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber of Food Grade
    It is safe to assume that the market for high-quality, long-lasting consumer goods used in households has never been greater. Food-grade silicone provides the strength, purity, and reusability required for goods used in food preparation and storage such as infant bottles, reusable beverage bottles,
  • Silicone Rubber Product Characteristics, Applications, and Classifications
    Main characteristics and applications of silicone rubber goodsSilicone rubber goods are created with methyl vinyl silicone rubber as the basic gum, different fillers (reinforcing agent, heat resistant agent, modifier, etc.), and manufacturing technologies such as mixing, thin-through, filtering, sul


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