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Maintenance of Vacuum Membrane Press

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Maintenance of Vacuum Membrane Press

It is also inconvenient to maintain the vacuum membrane press, as maintenance mainly involves maintaining the heating box and requires several personnel. Another thing is that it looks like it is a dual workstation, but it cannot be used as a dual workstation because the heating box must stop at the same workstation when starting to add. This way, after the temperature reaches the required operating temperature, the temperature of the lower workbench will also be very high, giving a feeling of hot hands. When placing workpieces or laying PVC films, softening phenomenon will occur immediately, because the characteristic of PC films is heat shrinkage, In severe cases, if it cannot be laid, it will shrink to insufficient size. So this actual cost-effectiveness is low, and when pulled back and forth, the heat loss is also large.

Inspection work before starting the fully automatic vacuum membrane press:

1. Check before starting the vacuum membrane press (1) to confirm if the machine is in a safe state

2. Adjust the film conveying to make the film tension even and adapt to the size of the film conveying tension.

3. Check and confirm whether the gap between the adhesive layer and the adhesive is parallel.

4. Check the temperature of the heating drum to avoid inaccurate temperature gauges

5. The pressure that the pressure gauge must reach, otherwise the pressure may not be solid and affect the product

6. Clean up the debris on the rubber roller to prevent it from entering the finished product and causing waste

Main machine part of fully automatic vacuum membrane press:

1. Maintenance of oil tanker gearbox: Change the oil for maintenance after 100 hours of initial use, and then change the oil for maintenance every 2500 hours. The oil specification is 150 gear oi

2. Maintenance of ceramic anilox roller: After each shutdown, the ceramic anilox roller used should be cleaned and wiped dry in a timely manner to ensure that the roller surface is free of any foreign objects and glue, and to prevent soft damage caused by solidified and precipitated organic matter to the anilox roller. If the fully automatic laminating machine is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and air dried with moisture-proof packaging to avoid mold spots

3. Maintenance of mirror roller bearing seat: Add grease once a week. (All butter used in this machine is high-temperature resistant to 120 ° C butter)

4. Maintenance of the rubber wheel bearing seat: Add butter once a week.

5. Maintenance of high-speed machine drying wheel bearing seat: Add butter once a week.

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