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Knowledge About the Joint of PU Conveyor Belt

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Knowledge About the Joint of PU Conveyor Belt

PU (polyurethane) conveyor belt is a very common type of conveyor belt. The PU conveyor belt is made of polyurethane material and has excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, PU conveyor belts are widely used in the transportation, packaging, and electronics industries of food, electronics, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as indoor air purification and fan lubrication.

The common connection methods for PU conveying belts include cold bonding, vulcanization, and mechanical connection. Each of these docking methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, as follows:

(1) Cold bonding: This joint method has a good effect, as it does not require heating of the interface during docking. The operation is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low, but the applicability of this docking method is relatively small.

(2) Vulcanization method: This is the best method for docking, with high quality and strength of the joint, but the operation is relatively complex and the docking cost is also relatively high.

(3) Mechanical connection: The advantage of this docking method is that it is easy to operate, so it is a commonly used method. However, its disadvantage is also quite obvious, which is that the connection effect is not as good as the first two methods.

The joint of the conveying belt is a very fragile part because it is not a complete whole. If the operation is not in place during docking or the chosen docking method is not suitable, the conveying belt will be easily disconnected during operation. So when connecting, pay attention to:

(1) Purchase high-quality materials and master the process specifications for docking.

(2) If using PU conveyor belts with a thickness of 3mm or less, single teeth should be used, and vice versa, double teeth should be used.

(3) During hot vulcanization, it is important to choose different vulcanization machines for conveying belts with different thicknesses and widths.


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