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How to correctly operate wood working vacuum membrane press?

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How to correctly operate wood working vacuum membrane press?

1, The PVC film vacuum laminating machine should be operated by a dedicated personnel, who has been trained to familiarize themselves with the machine performance, master the lamination process, understand the operating methods, and pay attention to production;

2, Turn on the heating switch, set the temperature, vacuum degree, and preheating time according to the production process requirements. After starting or stopping for a long time every day, turn on the vacuum pump. The switch should be pressed twice before turning it on again, which is conducive to the normal use of the vacuum pump;

3, The surface of the coated workpiece (mainly refers to MDF board, MDF door, wooden door, wood board, plywood board) will be polished smooth, and PVC film adhesive will be evenly sprayed. The prepared workpiece will be placed on the expansion pad dedicated to the suction and coating station. The frame for pressing the PVC film will be raised, the PVC film will be laid, and the pressure frame will be locked immediately after being lowered. The PVC film should be flat, without damage, air leakage, and debris;

4, Enter the suction and coating station into the heating control box, and heat the PVC film according to the preheating timing. After the set time is up, the vacuum pump will actively open for suction and coating. After the suction and coating are in place, continue to maintain a constant temperature for 30 to 90 seconds (this parameter can be controlled by oneself), and then actively exit the warehouse. At the same time, the active cooling function will be carried out, and the workpiece can be taken out after cooling;

5, Carefully recording the process parameters of various adsorption materials and special adhesives used in the production process will be helpful for future work.


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