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How Many Types Of Paper Handling Belt For Conveying Corrugated Cardboard

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How Many Types Of Paper Handling Belt For Conveying Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard, a material widely used in packaging and shipping, requires specialized handling during its production and distribution. Central to this handling process is the paper handling belt, which ensures smooth and efficient conveyance of the corrugated cardboard. Depending on the specific requirements and applications, there are several types of paper handling belts suitable for conveying corrugated cardboard.

The most common type of paper handling belt for corrugated cardboard is the flat belt. This belt has a smooth surface and is typically made from durable materials like polyester or polypropylene. It is suitable for low- to medium-speed applications and can handle light to medium loads. Flat belts are commonly used in packaging machines where corrugated cardboard is fed into the machine for further processing.

Another type of paper handling belt is the V-belt, which has a grooved surface. This belt is designed to provide better grip and traction on corrugated cardboard, especially when handling heavier loads or in high-speed applications. The V-shaped grooves help prevent slippage and ensure a secure hold on the cardboard.

For even heavier loads or applications that require extra stability, there are also cleated belts. These belts have raised cleats or ridges that provide additional support and prevent the corrugated cardboard from shifting or sliding during transportation.

Additionally, there are special belts designed for specific applications, such as those with anti-static properties to prevent static build-up during the handling of corrugated cardboard, or belts with reinforced edges for increased durability in harsh environments.

In summary, the type of paper handling belt suitable for conveying corrugated cardboard depends on the specific requirements of the application, including load weight, belt speed, and the need for special features like anti-static properties or reinforced edges. From flat belts to V-belts and cleated belts, there is a range of options available to meet the unique needs of corrugated cardboard handling.


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