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Extraordinary Properties of PU Conveying Belt

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Extraordinary Properties of PU Conveying Belt

Polyurethane conveying belt, also known as PU conveying belt. Polyurethane conveying belt is a conveyor belt made of polyurethane material, used for the transportation and transmission of various materials on the production line. Usually composed of polyurethane coating (optional pattern or smooth surface), wear-resistant polyester fiber reinforcement layer, and low friction polyethylene backing layer

Widely used in industries such as food, construction, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and chemical engineering, its emergence has improved work efficiency and saved costs for enterprises, with the following excellent characteristics:

1.Strong tear resistance, good elasticity, and certain impact resistance, suitable for normal use under complex conditions;

2. It has good waterproof properties and can be used normally even in cold and humid conditions, without any impact on the conveyor belt. The PU conveying belt can still be used normally without affecting its service cycle;

3. Compared to other conveyor belts, PU conveying belt has better resistance to acid, alkali, and high temperature. Although the price is relatively high, in the long run, polyurethane conveyor belts will be more economical;

4. Compared with commonly used conveyor belts in the food industry, polyurethane conveyor belts have the advantages of thin body, light weight, and certain plasticity during use. They can not only improve conveying capacity but also reduce energy consumption. They can also optimize conveying radius, meet transportation requirements, and meet the requirements of low energy and high efficiency.

5. The annual average and longitudinal sample strength of the PU conveying belt is greater than 4.5N/mm, and the adhesion rate between the covering surface and the surface fabric layer is greater than 4N/mm;

6. Easy to clean: The surface of the PU conveying belt is flat and smooth, and it is not easy to accumulate impurities and bacteria. It can be directly washed with water or cleaned with a cleaning machine for easy cleaning and disinfection.

7. High tensile strength: PU conveying belts have high tensile strength and impact resistance, making them less prone to deformation or fracture during material transportation.

8. Environmental protection and health: The polyurethane conveyor belt complies with the REACH regulations and standards of the European Union, is non-toxic and odorless, and will not pollute food.


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