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Differences about the process of HTV and LSR silicone rubber

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Differences about the process of HTV and LSR silicone rubber

In the organic silicon industry, both solid and liquid silicone rubbers can produce a variety of silicone products. The similarity lies in the fact that their products are made of silicone rubber material, which can achieve various environmental certifications and can also be made into the same shape and size. The product still has no difference in tactile and visual effects, but the difference lies in the two processing processes and product differences between solid silicone and liquid silicone products.

The main raw materials for solid silicone products are solidified overall raw materials. Silicone product manufacturers need to use rollers to heat it up to softness during processing (such as in the form of chewing gum, where the finished product is well solidified and chewed before softening). After adding a molding curing agent, the mold is used to press the rubber material into the flat vulcanizing machine at high temperature during processing to obtain different hardness finished products.

The main auxiliary materials for the production of silicone products include silicone raw materials, vulcanizing agents, and color adhesives. Compared with injection molding technology, the most advantageous factor is the lower cost. Solid silicone molds are offset in the industry compared to liquid silicone, and the prices of raw materials and liquid silicone are relatively cheap. There are many mold cavities in the mold, and the product is relatively high. The disadvantage is that manual operation is troublesome, and the self disassembly and assembly mold line does not have a perfect liquid state. The maximum softness of the product is about 20 degrees.

Liquid silicone is mainly a raw material in the form of liquid. During the production process, the liquid silicone raw material is mainly injected into the mold cavity for direct automatic mold production and processing. The main process is the installation of raw materials in the early stage, machine debugging, and the sealing flow between the machine and the mold for automatic mold delivery. It is convenient, fast, and does not require a lot of manual intervention. The product is basically sealed, so the appearance protection effect of the product is extremely high, And the processing speed is fast. It is necessary to choose a fast vulcanizing agent to maintain environmental friendliness. Therefore, many products that are close to human skin in medical and infant care involve the processing process of liquid silicone products! The disadvantage is that the cost is high, the mold development cost is expensive, and it is not conducive to small-scale product production.

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