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Conveyor Belt for Carton Packaging Machine

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Conveyor Belt for Carton Packaging Machine

Carton packaging machine is a production line composed of multiple processes. Due to the different processes, the belts used are not only the same, but can be divided into three categories according to their purpose: paper conveyor belt, folding gluer belt, and laminating belt.

1. Paper conveyor belt: used for conveying materials into the machine at the machine head, commonly used in thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, and can automatically and continuously feed paper without overlap. Paper conveyor belts can be divided into paper conveyor belts, toothed paper conveyor belts, and grooved paper conveyor belts based on the differences in the bottom and surface of the belt. The paper conveyor belt, due to its smooth surface and delicate texture, has wear-resistant, non-skid, and powder shedding properties, and low friction loss; The toothed paper conveyor belt has precise transmission ratio, high efficiency, good cushioning and vibration reduction capabilities, and low noise due to its non slip meshing transmission; And the grooved paper conveyor belt is because there are PJ or PH small grooves on the surface, which can increase the friction force of product transportation and operate at high speed!

2. Origami tape: In the pre folding machine, the creases on the paper box need to be pre folded and clamped through the origami tape to make it easier for assembly on automatic production lines. Usually, high-speed nylon sheet based transmission belts with double-sided rubber intermediate base are used, with thicknesses of 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm. They are light in weight, high in strength, small in elongation, good in oil resistance and wear resistance, soft and energy-saving, and have specific patterns on the surface, ensuring friction when conveying paper! It can be divided into two types: double-sided blue chip baseband or yellow green chip baseband.

3. Paper mounting belt: also known as perforated suction belt, refers to the process of punching holes on the surface of the belt, which plays a suction role and is conducive to precise paper feeding. Combined with the design of the machine itself, the paper is produced in a reasonable and orderly manner. It is commonly used for the transmission of paper mounting machines and corrugated paper. According to the different materials, it can be divided into two types: nylon based and rubber based.


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