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Classification of Liquid silicone rubber

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Classification of Liquid silicone rubber

1. Two component silicone rubber (RTV-2)

Room temperature crosslinked two component (RTV-2) silicone rubber is composed of two components, which can be poured, coated, or kneaded. After adding a curing agent, it can be cured as a raw material for high elastic silicone rubber, and can be crosslinked at room temperature. There are two curing methods to choose from: when conducting condensation crosslinking, most organic tin catalysts are used, and the by-product is alcohol; When adding transaction sheets, platinum catalysts are used without by-products. Now, some types of silicone rubber products can also use ultraviolet radiation to accelerate the curing rate, and adjust the curing time by irradiation intensity and time. Most vulcanizates cured from RTV-2 silicone rubber can maintain elasticity up to 200 degrees Celsius, and some products can even briefly withstand high temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius. In the low-temperature field, these products can all maintain flexibility at minus 50 degrees Celsius, and some special products can even maintain flexibility at minus 90 degrees Celsius.

It is also possible to provide a series of pre mixed single component systems that can be stored without confusion by using some specially passivated platinum catalysts. These products must solidify under heating conditions. Because their polymer composition is similar to that of room temperature cross-linked two component silicone rubber, they are also classified in this category. RTV-2 silicone rubber has generally good thermal conductivity and can be used for insulation of electronic equipment without heat storage. This type of product has many special advantages due to its electronic functions such as insulation resistance, dielectric strength, and dissipation factor. The breathability of RTV-2 silicone rubber is 10 times higher than that of natural rubber at room temperature. In many applications, its curing surface faces excellent demolding effects of organic and inorganic materials, making the product more advantageous. RTV-2 silicone rubber has a wide range of types and can be used for naturally diverse and highly specialized vulcanizates. Therefore, it can provide effective solutions for the special needs of various industrial fields, such as mold manufacturing, electronics, optoelectronics, household appliances, machinery and industrial equipment manufacturing, health applications, and photovoltaic fields.

2. RTV-1 silicone rubber

RTV-1 (room temperature cross-linking single component) silicone rubber belongs to the ready-to-use room temperature cross-linking single component system, composed of polydimethylsiloxane, cross-linking agent, filler, and auxiliary agent. After the product is sprayed, it begins to crosslink under the action of air moisture and releases by-products. Crosslinking begins on the surface of silicone rubber after application, where a layer of skin is formed and gradually solidifies towards the interior. Due to the different crosslinking agents used, a small amount of neutral compounds such as acetic acid or alcohol will be generated during curing. RTV-1 silicone rubber has excellent performance and can be used to solve many problems that may be encountered in sealing, bonding, and coating applications. Its unique chemical properties endow it with excellent weather resistance and aging resistance.

RTV-1 silicone rubber is an ideal material for almost any sealing, bonding, and coating application, and has a wide range of applications in other industries, such as automotive manufacturing, construction, household appliances, electrical and electronics, healthcare, medical, and textiles.

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