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Characteristics of energy-saving polyester tangential belt

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Characteristics of energy-saving polyester tangential belt

Polyester tangential belt aslo named TC-belt, has the characteristics of high strength and efficiency, soft belt body, small elongation, energy conservation, good dimensional stability, and long service life. It is suitable for environments with high speed, short installation of tensioning devices, and large changes in environmental temperature and humidity.

The reasons why polyester tangential belt can save energy are following: ①High constant elongation strength and stable tension compared to the substrate tape, the 1% constant elongation strength of polyester belt is 30%~50% higher. When transmitting the same power, a thinner belt body can be selected without repeatedly adjusting the tension. And the operation is stable, the tension is moderate, and it is not easy to lose speed. The bearing load is relatively reduced, saving electricity consumption; ②The skeleton material of the belt weight light TC-belt is a high-strength polyester fabric with a special structure. The belt body is thin and the weight is light, which reduces the Moment of inertia and centrifugal force of the flat belt, so that the electric energy consumed by the belt itself is reduced and the power consumption is saved. ③ Good flexibility due to the softness of the polyester belt body, good wrapping between the belt body and the pulley, reduced bending stress, low energy consumption, improved transmission efficiency, and relative power savings The quick and environmentally friendly joint adopts tooth shaped hot melt bonding, which is smooth and adhesive free, and has no directional restrictions on operation

Due to the outstanding features of the polyester tangential belt, it has wide applications, especially suitable for high-speed tangential and power transmission in the textile industry. For example, rotor spinning machines, double twisting machines, texturing machines, fancy twisting machines are commonly used as power transmission belts for equipment such as carding machines, roving machines, spinning machines, drawing machines, etc


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