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Category of Hamid Machine Tapes & Belts

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Category of Hamid Machine Tapes & Belts

1, Power transmission belt

A transmission belt is a mechanical transmission device that transfers power from one shaft system to another. Drive belts can be divided into two categories: flat belts and V-belts. Flat belts have low transmission efficiency and are suitable for low-power transmission, while V-belts can be divided into ordinary V-belts and multi wedge V-belts, which are widely used in high-power transmission. The characteristics of transmission belts are large transmission force, high accuracy, and easy maintenance and replacement.

2, Conveyor belt

A conveyor belt is a mechanical device that delivers materials to designated locations and is widely used in industries such as coal, mining, building materials, and chemical engineering. The classification of conveyor belts includes core finished conveyor belts, steel wire rope core conveyor belts, wear-resistant conveyor belts, high-temperature conveyor belts, etc. Different conveyor belts have different characteristics and application scenarios, and different conveyor belts can be selected according to different needs.

3, Synchronous belt

A synchronous belt is a wheel chain transmission device used for transmitting mechanical power, which utilizes the matching of gear profile and tooth shape to transmit power. Synchronous belts have the characteristics of high transmission accuracy, large transmission force, and stable load, and are widely used in fields such as machine tools and automation equipment.

4, Other categories

In addition to the three major types of mechanical belts mentioned above, there are also some other types of mechanical belts, such as water pump belts, generator belts, refrigeration and air conditioning belts, etc. The classification of these mechanical belts depends on the application field and specific functions.

In summary, mechanical belts are a fundamental mechanical device widely used in various mechanical transmission and conveying fields, and their classification plays different roles in different application scenarios. Choosing appropriate mechanical belts can improve the transmission efficiency and stability of mechanical devices.


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