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Applications of HTV Silicone Rubber

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Applications of HTV Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is a very important polymer material with extensive applications in industrial production. Its excellent insulation performance, high-temperature stability, chemical stability, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, as well as good flexibility and processability make silicone rubber the preferred material in many fields.

High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is a special type of synthetic rubber (Also named HTV silicone rubber, or HCR silicone rubber) that has many unique characteristics that other conventional rubbers do not possess. It has excellent high-temperature resistance and can maintain good elasticity and stability in high-temperature environments. This characteristic makes HTV silicone rubber widely used in many industries

一,Electronic Industry

HTV silicone rubber has extremely high resistance to high and low temperatures and excellent electrical properties. Its performance remains basically unchanged over a wide temperature range and electrical frequency range. This stability makes HTV silicone rubber an ideal material for manufacturing electronic appliances, used in various models such as electrical connectors, electrical sealing shock absorbers, and high-temperature potentiometer sealing rings. The application of high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber products can ensure the stable, safe and reliable performance of electronic appliances. At the same time, conductive connectors can be manufactured by adding conductive fillers to HTV silicone rubber. These connectors have stable performance and accurate digital display.

二,Wires and Cables

Silicone rubber is an ideal insulation material for the wire and cable industry. High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber has excellent high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, weather resistance, and electrical properties. During the combustion and decomposition of HTV silicone rubber, the generated silica residue plays an important role in insulation. Therefore, high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber can greatly improve the performance of wires and cables, ensuring their safe and reliable operation. Silicone rubber is widely used in the production of power cables, ship cables, heating cables, ignition cables, atomic energy device cables, and aviation wires.

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