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Application of polyamide belt

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 Application of polyamide belt

The polyamide belt belongs to the flat high-speed transmission belt(also called PA sandwich belt, Nylon core belt, Nylon belt, etc), with a nylon sheet tension layer between them, and the surface covered with rubber, cowhide, and fiber cloth. The thickness of the polyamide belt is usually in the range of 0.8-6mm

The material structure innovation of polyamide belt is unique, with advantages such as strong tensile force, resistance to bending, high efficiency, low noise, fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, and long service life. Therefore, PA sandwich belt are suitable for occasions with compact transmission mechanisms, high line speeds, and high speed ratios. The main applications of PA sandwich belt are as follows:

一,Driving flat belts suitable for the textile industry

1. The tangential belt series used for tangential power transmission, such as steam flow spinning machines, double twisting machines, adding machines, twisting machines, blowing and suction machine dragon belts, etc.

2. Flat belt series for parallel or double-sided transmission, such as and flat belts for carding machines, spinning machines, drawing machines, circular knitting machines, etc.

3. Flat belt series for overload or cross power transmission, such as single chrome leather (cowhide) and double chrome leather (cowhide) power transmission flat belts.

二,Flat belt series suitable for light, medium-sized machinery or printing machinery power transmission or material conveying in various industries

三,Specially designed for power transmission flat belts of large and heavy machinery in harsh environments such as oil pollution, such as paper machines, ventilators, mixers, steel mills, turbines, marble cutting machines, pumps, etc.

PA sandwich belt is known for its high reliability and long service life, suitable for various harsh applications and harsh environments. Its tensile layer has strong elasticity and can withstand impact loads to prevent permanent elongation.

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