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All of Silicone Rubber's Advantages

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All of Silicone Rubber's Advantages

In a variety of sectors, including medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and others, silicone rubber is a crucial sealing material. Silicone rubber is frequently sought after for a number of applications because of its numerous exceptional and superior properties.

To fully utilize silicone's sealing properties, GC Rubber employs a variety of sophisticated technologies, producing everything from straightforward seals to the most intricate pieces. The following are the main advantages of silicone rubber that you should take into account when choosing a sealing material:

Superior Sealing Material

Silicone rubber can endure exceptionally high and low temperatures and is best recognized for its outstanding thermal stability. Silicone maintains its elasticity at low temperatures, making it the best material to use for applications in situations with high temperatures.

In addition to its resistance to temperature, silicone is also resistant to a wide range of other substances, including acids, bases, chemicals, water, oil, and fungi. This high-quality rubber is non-toxic and has a variety of resilient qualities, making it a reliable sealing material for consumer goods and medical equipment.

Capability to Sterilize

Silicone rubber may be sterilized using a variety of techniques and complies with FDA criteria. Dry heat, steam autoclaving, ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, and electron beams are a few of these techniques. Due to these sterilizing techniques, silicone may be used in the medical field and is recognized as a material of the highest medical quality.

In order to develop parts and seals for dialyzers, medical pumps, IV components, feeding devices, and implant material, GC Rubber uses silicone rubber, a top sealing material for the medical sector. GC Rubber makes and evaluates sterile silicone rubber seals for medical-grade classification before sending them out for usage in the medical sector in an ISO-classified cleanroom.

Highly Versatile

Silicone is excellent for custom-molded forms and particular applications with particular specifications since it is simple to modify and mold. The seal can acquire additional resistance qualities, such as water and temperature resistance, by slightly altering the chemical formula. Additionally, it may be produced in transparent or any color you can think of, including glow-in-the-dark green. Silicone is frequently utilized for creative models and testing by design engineers due to its adaptability.

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is used to form silicone into intricate shapes. After being injected into a mold cavity, this two-part platinum-cured elastomer is subsequently formed into a component. LSR compounds come in a wide range of varieties, some of which are medical-grade, self-lubricating, conductive, self-bonding, radio-opaque, and more.

Modern molding capabilities for silicone components and seals are provided by GC Rubber. With the aid of cutting-edge techniques and technologies, such as compression molding and injection molding, even the most complicated parts may be reliably produced.

Performance Rubber

In severe heat or cold, silicone is renowned for maintaining flexibility and having minimal compression. Overall, silicone rubber has strong mechanical qualities and is quite durable. It is quite trustworthy and can be relied upon to maintain function for a very long period of time due to its durability.

In addition to its many advanced qualities, silicone rubber possesses excellent electrical insulation, flame resistance, and minimal chemical reactivity. These characteristics make silicone a great sealing material for a variety of uses and industries.


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